IndusHealth has partnered with Medical Tours Costa Rica (MTCR) to provide an unprecedented level of care and attention to our corporate program participants that choose to obtain medical treatment in Costa Rica.  MTCR’s team works closely with IndusHealth’s case managers to seamlessly extend the personalized patient-centric service that we provide our patients.

MTCR’s bilingual patient coordinators are highly experienced in handling the needs of our patients and their companions during their stay in Costa Rica. All aspects of their travel, accommodations, meals, hospitalization and recovery are carefully coordinated, and any special needs are addressed promptly.


IndusHealth participates in Lufthansa’s unique Global Healthcare Mobility Partner Program that allows us to extend our India-bound participants an excellent combination of comfort, convenience and flexibility on Lufthansa’s modern fleet of intercontinental aircraft.

Lufthansa’s partnership with United Airlines allows these features to be available to travelers originating from numerous airports throughout the U.S.


If you have special needs that require extra attention and support during travel, Air Escort offers highly-trained licensed medical escorts who can provide in-flight medical monitoring and care, including ventilation, sedation and pain management. IndusHealth has partnered with Air Escort to provide a well-orchestrated solution to our clients in need of a one-way or round-trip medical escort.

Air Escort’s team provides total bedside-to-bedside services and is well-versed in the nuances of working with airline and airport personnel to make any special provisions that may be required, and to deal with a wide variety of unexpected challenges that may arise during travel.