Medical costs in the U.S. often vary widely between neighboring locales and providers.  Actual costs incurred by group health plans are “discounted” to varying levels based on contracted rates offered by providers, generally insulated from competition. By contrast, package costs for treatment abroad are based on established competitive rates charged by the hospitals and doctors, added to prevailing rates offered by hotels and airlines.

Discounted corporate rates billed by U.S. hospitals vary widely based on purchasing power coupled with regional and local pricing disparities. The overall expenditure on these procedures is often under-reported due to the disparate nature of billing costs related to the diagnostics, treatment, rehab and medications.

By contrast, the combined package pricing shown for the overseas options include all customary costs associated with hospital stay, operating room/ICU/recovery charges, doctors’ fees, anesthesiologist fees, pre/post-surgical consultations & diagnostics, medications, nursing care, physical therapy & rehabilitation services, as well as all typical costs associated with case management, expedited passport processing fees, applicable visas & permits, air travel, travel insurance, local transportation, consultations, communications, hotel stay and meals for the patient and an accompanying companion.

IndusHealth works closely with its providers to keep costs down and obtain the best possible rates in each instance, ensuring the continued viability and interest in our program. We welcome competition and encourage transparency without complicated tiers of discounts or incentives based on patient volumes. Thanks to our thorough assessment procedures, over 90% of our claims involve a single invoice for a patient episode. Our clients benefit from the unbeatable value that we are able to offer, and our participants benefit from our comprehensive solution with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The following table compares reported retail price ranges in the U.S. versus the complete package cost of obtaining treatment abroad through IndusHealth’s program. The package price ranges shown account for travel and stay cost differences based upon the origin and destination, class of travel, seasonal variances in cost of airfare and accommodations, recommended length of stay for each type of procedure at each destination, and whether or not the participant opts to use the companion benefit.

Type of Procedure US Retail Price
Range ($000)
Package Cost Abroad ($000)
Gastric Bypass 35 – 50 17 – 24
Gastric Sleeve 30 – 45 15 – 22
Hip Replacement – Unilateral 35 – 60 15 – 26
Hip Replacement – Bilateral 65 – 95 27 – 39
Knee Replacement – Unilateral 35 – 65 15 – 24
Knee Replacement – Bilateral 70 – 105 27 – 38
Knee Arthroscopy 12 – 25 8 – 14
Shoulder Replacement 30 – 55 15 – 24
Rotator Cuff Repair 20 – 35 12 – 18
Spinal Fusion 70 – 120 22 – 35
Spinal Disc Replacement 90 – 150 24 – 39
Hysterectomy 20 – 33 13 – 18
Hernia Repair 10 – 25 12 – 15

For most types of procedures, patients are encouraged to identify a suitable travel companion for physical and emotional support. However, some prefer to travel alone to accomplish the needful in the desired time frame. We strive to ensure that such patients can do so safely without facing potential hardship during their journey. It is important to note that certain outpatient procedures do not yield sufficient savings to qualify for the companion benefit. Also, overseas package costs can vary slightly based on regional/seasonal variations in airfare and fluctuations in currency conversion rates. In certain cases, costs may also vary due to special needs or constraints established by the patient’s medical history or condition.