Frequently Asked Questions

CATEGORY: General Questions

Employees and their dependents that are underinsured and face challenges with unaffordable out-of-pocket costs and/or access to high quality care are keen to explore the option offered by their employer’s health benefit plan to utilize IndusHealth’s system.
Anyone facing a serious medical procedure with limited financial resources to pay for it. Access to the IndusHealth option may make the difference in being able to have a corrective procedure performed or not.
Patients are made aware of IndusHealth’s Global Health Option through their employer’s health plan. Once diagnosed with need for surgical intervention, they contact IndusHealth to explore whether medical travel may be right for them.
Absolutely not. The alternative offered by IndusHealth is part of a process that encourages competition and ultimately improves affordability and quality of medical care in parts of the country that have been shielded from these market forces. IndusHealth offers viable alternatives to people who find themselves forced to choose between suffering with a health problem or facing significant damage to their finances. Studies show that most people choose to live with the problem. Unfortunately, besides negatively affecting productivity, this choice also sometimes hastens disability or death. Our existing healthcare system faces the cost and resource burden of dealing with the unpleasant consequences associated with people having made that unfortunate choice

CATEGORY: Cost Of Care

It is simply a matter of the health care cost structures in those countries, where government and third party payment systems play a much less significant role in determining complex multi-tiered payment structures that result in higher health care costs. The highly competitive nature of open market health care systems in those countries results in significantly lower costs of physicians, hospitals, medical devices, consumables and medications.
Fares for international travel remain highly competitive and are often less expensive than a trip across the U.S. Travel related costs are relatively small in proportion to the savings associated with lower medical costs.
IndusHealth takes care of all costs associated with travel documents, transportation, case management, hospital & doctor fees, medications, stay and meals for patients and their accompanying companions subject to any specific benefits or constraints stipulated by their health plan.
Your physician will understand your particular situation and suggest the scope of treatment based on a preliminary diagnosis. Acting on this consultation, your IndusHealth Case Manager will give you treatment cost estimates and make best efforts to inform you of possible extra costs. Once you begin your treatment, there is the possibility that some other related procedures are suggested or required. In such cases, you and/or your designated financially responsible parties will be able to make appropriate decisions in conjunction with your referring physicians and IndusHealth Case Manager.


Medical care in the IndusHealth system is provided by highly qualified credentialed physicians, many of whom have previously trained in top U.S. medical programs and practiced medicine in the U.S. Their quality of care is equal to and in many cases exceeds that available here. In addition, IndusHealth partner hospitals are among the best in the world and boast an excellent professional staff, as well as the most modern facilities and equipment available. In most cases, the success rates for medical procedures performed in our partner hospitals exceeds those for U.S. institutions.
India is one of the most populous countries in the world with a lower standard of living and higher incidence of poverty than in most Western countries. On the other hand, India is of one the world’s most dynamic emerging countries and has an increasingly strong economy. Indian specialty hospitals have made large financial investments in recent years to ensure that their equipment and care facilities compare favorably with leading hospitals in the U.S. These hospitals have also attracted some of the best physicians in the world. India is fast becoming a worldwide health care destination.
Nursing care in IndusHealth destination hospitals is some of the best available anywhere in the world. Unlike many U.S. hospitals that rely heavily on LPN’s and nursing assistants, IndusHealth hospital partners utilize registered nurses (RNs) who provide direct patient care around the clock.

CATEGORY: Process For Receiving Care

We will provide details about your specialist and make arrangements for you to speak with him or her by phone before you choose to obtain treatment through the IndusHealth system.

Every IndusHealth patient is assigned a professional Case Manager who will take care of every detail of your trip and medical care from the first day of our association with you through the entire recuperative period
We encourage patients to have a relative or friend accompany them on their trip. These companions can remain with you throughout treatment and recuperation. It is important that the companion play a supportive role and not become a burden for the patient. Once we engage in assisting you, we will provide you additional details about the criteria of a good companion.
In most cases, medical travel offers the added benefit of receiving all required physiotherapy and follow-up during your recovery stay prior to your return home. In a few cases, you may find it beneficial to engage a local physiotherapist to continue your recommended rehabilitation.
As with all medical procedures, there is the possibility that medical outcomes may not be optimal. In instances where a medical mistake or malpractice is believed to have occurred, patients have the right to seek redress abroad in accordance with the applicable legal statutes in their court system in a manner similar to the procedure followed here in the U.S.
IndusHealth seeks to respond to all contingencies during your health care abroad in a manner outlined by you to address any outcome. During your consultation with an IndusHealth Case Manager, every possible outcome will be explained to you and those to whom we would turn to in an emergency.