Specialty Rx Savings

An effective way to combat the hyper-inflationary trend in Specialty Rx expenditure

IndusHealth’s Pharma Travel Option is a proven and effective solution to combat the increasing cost burden of specialty drugs borne by employer-sponsored health plans.

This employee benefit provides plan members the option of traveling to exceptional nearshore destinations to access significantly lower global pharmaceutical pricing of specialty drugs and pharmaceutical treatments.

Patients choose this option not only for the cost savings but also for the rewarding experience and exceptional care and attention they receiv

With 18 years of specialized experience in medical travel administration for surgical procedures, IndusHealth excels at addressing the critical issues of Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Safety and Quality concerns, Employee Privacy and Data Security, Liability and Insurance Coverage, Billing and Payment Administration, Risk Management and Care Coordination, and the Management of Employee Perceptions and Expectations.

The specialty pharma travel program has recently been expanded, building upon our extensive experience as a corporate medical travel administrator generating over $35M in savings for our clients.

Cancun is a preferred destination for specialty drugs, due to the outstanding corporate patient experience, and availability of the same specialty drugs sold in the US. It is the 3rd most popular travel destination in the world, with convenient direct flights from 38 US cities, attracting 13,000 American tourists daily.

Our customized program provides self-insured employers simplified access to global pricing for several expensive specialty pharmaceuticals. All related costs of treatment, travel, stay and meals for the member participant and a qualified travel companion are typically covered with no out-of-pocket cost. Deductibles and copays are typically waived (except for HDHP participants), and other financial incentives are often provided based on the net savings.

To learn more about this outstanding program, contact Tom Keesling at tomk@indushealth.com or by phone 216.389.1884.

Examples of Overall Package Cost Savings
Specialty Rx Annual Savings
Actemra $31K
Cosentyx $30K
Enbrel $26K
Epclusa $27K
Humira $27K
Humira (High Dose) $64K
Ocrevus $15K
Orencia $17K
Rituxan $18K
Stelara $33K
Stelara (High Dose) $146K
Viekira Pak $26K
… and more