Get to know us

You may be wondering what it’s like to travel for medical services.  The simple truth is – people enjoy it! 

Our mission is to provide you with an outstanding medical travel experience and optimal surgical outcome. 

We have anticipated every aspect of the medical travel experience so that you may feel confident throughout your journey.

You can relax knowing that we have vetted the hospitals, providers and processes at our medical travel destinations to ensure a smooth medical travel experience.

Recognizing that that things may not always go as expected for reasons outside our control, we help ensure that people are there to help you every step of the way to accommodate changes with minimum inconvenience.

Please know that you will be treated as our special guest. By the time you return home, you will have made lasting new friends.

Our Promise

As an IndusHealth medical traveler, you are not simply a number. You are practically family. We make it simple for you to utilize your company sponsored global healthcare benefit and ensure that you’ll be in good hands each step of the way.  We strive to make your experience nothing short of an outstanding success.

What are patients saying about us?

Our medical travelers tell us their experience was much better than any surgical experience they’ve ever had close to home. They frequently comment that the medical travel experience was beyond what they had imagined. We often hear comments such as:

Why wouldn’t I want to travel? It was free surgery!

My surgeon was friendly, unhurried and explained everything clearly to me.

Everyone along the way was so friendly and helpful! They really cared!

It did me a lot of good to relax a few days after surgery in a beautiful location. My wife enjoyed it too! 

Staying in a nice hotel with all the meals provided was great for me and my companion. 

As a woman having surgery, I could rest.  My husband didn’t have to take over the chores, clean house, provide meals… many of the things I would normally do for my family.

I enjoyed going somewhere I’ve never been before and experiencing the hospitality of another country and culture.

I really enjoyed the whole experience!  I would do it again.

Meet your Advocates

The patient support team at IndusHealth works hard to ensure that each candidate is provided the information required to make the right decisions and leaves no stone unturned and doesn’t leave things to chance.

Jean, RN, Director of Care Management

Combining her nursing experience with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jean is an avid problem-solver who works closely with providers and her care management team in the pursuit of providing patients a safe, reliable, enriching and fulfilling experience.

Her philosophy is “To love well is to live well.”

Jenny, RN, Case Manager

Jenny treats patients with the same enthusiasm and care she provides her own children.  Laughing throughout the journey is part of the plan. 

Her philosophy is “Keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Linda, Director of Client Relations

Linda helps you navigate the medical travel program from the day you register through completion of your trip. She coordinates your care and travel arrangements.  Her goal is to make it as easy as possible and to make sure you are well informed along the way.  

Her philosophy is “I firmly believe in treating everybody the way I would like to be treated. I am happy to hold your hand.”

Miriam, RN, Case Manager

As a nurse and Integrative Health and Life Coach, Miriam enjoys championing patients’ causes and providing the necessary information, encouragement and guidance to help them achieve their health goals and objectives.

Her philosophy echoes in a quote by Norman Vincent Peale: “Change your thoughts and change your world.”

Nicole, RN, Case Manager

Nicole enjoys guiding patients through the process of considering and using the medical travel program, recognizing that the unfamiliar steps involved can sometimes seem daunting to patients who choose to explore and pursue this option.

Her philosophy is “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  Taken from a quote by Jim Rohn.

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We are ready to work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the necessary guidance that can help you take advantage of the exceptional care options available to you.

To learn more about this program and explore if it may be suitable for you, register online at or call 1-800-779-1314 and select option 1.