COVID-19 Protocols and Precautions For Medical Travel to Costa Rica

We work closely with our program partners to help patients and companions minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 when choosing to use the medical travel option to travel to Costa Rica. The following video shows some of the ways they have implemented health safety measures to adapt to current conditions.

November 2020 [Runtime: 2.5 minutes]

By exercising good judgment and taking proper precautions during your trip, you can reduce the risk of COVID exposure to the same level that you ordinarily encounter in your daily life.


To avoid potential delays and quarantine during your trip, please take extra precautions against potential COVID exposure for the 3-4 week period before your scheduled departure.

You and members of your household should avoid social gatherings and exposure to people outside your household or usual place of work.


Although Costa Rica no longer requires a COVID test for entry into the country, patients are required to undergo a COVID PCR test upon arrival to be cleared for surgery.

To minimize the possibility of a 2-week quarantine and delay of surgery due to a positive test result, travelers are advised to obtain a COVID PCR test 5-7 days before the departure date, depending on how long your local testing facility takes to provide results.

This is especially important for those who may be subject to increased risk of exposure, or if your travel companion is not a member of your household.

We will reimburse out-of-pocket costs of up to $100 per person if you submit a receipt for the test.

If you or your travel companion test positive, contact your IndusHealth Case Manager as soon as possible to discuss your options.


Participants are advised to use good hygiene practices and comply with all mandated precautions. Practice social distancing, regular hand-washing and use of hand-sanitizers.

Be sure to wear a suitable properly-maintained mask over both nose and mouth or face-covering whenever you are in public areas including airports, flights, hotels, hospitals and when being transported by car or van.


When traveling, be sure to follow guidelines, avoid crowded areas when possible and try to keep interactions with strangers to a minimum.

Airlines and hotels have adapted their services to minimize contact between guests and staff.


A COVID test will be scheduled for all patients after arrival at the hotel. For late day arrivals, the test will be performed the following morning.

A negative test result is required to proceed with surgery. During the 24-hour period to obtain test results, the patient can proceed with other required pre-op tests and consultations.


In case of a positive test result, the patient and companion will be required to quarantine at the hotel for 2 weeks before being able to proceed with surgery. Travel insurance has been purchased on your behalf to cover additional hotel, meal and medical expenses during this additional stay.

Please be prepared for the possibility of a quarantine and delayed return by bringing enough prescription medications for you and your companion to cover an extended stay.