Corporate Savings Calculator

This customized savings calculator provides you a rough estimate of annual cost savings that can be achieved when the IndusHealth program is offered to plan participants in your health benefit plan.  It is based on analysis of a wide range of self-insured employers across the country, taking into account the typical range of covered procedures for which participants utilize the Global Health Option.

The results shown account for a slower adoption rate in the initial years of the plan offering as well as the adoption rate based on the level of financial benefit offered to plan participants.

Contact us for more details about the corporate program offerings.  We can also provide more detailed analysis based on plan participant demographics.

Number of covered lives:   AGE DISTRIBUTION
Incentive (% of savings):   <35:
Avg. co-pay/deductible savings:   35-49
Stop-loss reinsurance limit:   50-64
Expected annual cost increase:   >65:
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4+
Annual Cost Savings:
Annual Incentive Payout:
Annual Employer Benefit:


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